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Pilates is amongst the most popular and most misunderstood exercise systems in the world. People who have never tried it tend to think of it is a derivative of yoga, a fix for flabby abs, an easy workout for wimps, mostly for women, or a fad. These are just a few of the tales about Pilates that have been floating around for decades now. The truth is that the system has gained a loyal following for a reason–it works!

What is it?

Most health clubs and local YMCAs now offer South Florida Pilates training for people of all ages and experience levels. The benefits of regular Pilates training include increased flexibility, greater range of motion, improved posture and abdominal strength. Facilities that offer these classes focus on classes for beginners, since the system is still relatively new in the United States.

Where did it come from?

Joseph Pilates, the eponymous creator of the fitness system, was born in Germany and had an eclectic athletic background, to say the least. He was a former circus performer and boxer who was held in an internment camp in England shortly after the outbreak of WWI. It was there that he developed a system of strenuous floor exercises that would later become Pilates mat work.

An altruistic and compassionate man, Joseph began to work with former inmates and detainees that were suffering from chronic diseases and injuries. At the time, his system was a hodgepodge that incorporated unconventional equipment, like bed springs and beer kegs.

The misconception that Pilates is only for women is a bit ironic since its founder was a boxer, wrestler, bodybuilder, and all-around man’s man. Shortly after the war, he worked with the Hamburg Military Police and taught classes in self-defense and physical fitness. He was even asked to train the German Army but immigrated to New York City instead. It was there that he developed his method of exercise in a small private studio he ran with his wife, Clara.

Like most great things, the method took the time to refine. In fact, Josephs Pilates taught a small number of students the discipline for decades, the first generation of which became teachers and were responsible for popularizing the system in the United States. Often referred to as the Pilates Elders, these teachers have passed along the method exactly as they learned it.

South Florida Pilates training 101

As we mentioned, most health clubs and fitness centers offer South Florida Pilates classes. These introductory classes are popular with students of all ages. But they aren’t all that challenging! If you want to continue to learn and push yourself, you will have to take classes at a private Pilates studio. It is only there where you will find expert instructors who can help you reach the next level.
To keep everything organized there is also the use of technology in the Pilates classes Perth. Technology assists individuals to stay more organized in their pilates classes. The very development of digital exercise system has made things easy. Hence, with the improved technique, the results from Pilates is far better. The studio Pilate instructors are there to change lives.

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